This house was owned by 2 ex servants who got rich by selling wine

    :AULO VETTIO RESTITUTO and AULO VETTIO CONVIVA. This is one of the richest villas in POMPEI known by the painting above the entrance way of Priapo who it seems, is weighing  his enormous phallus, not only this seems to be a ‘lucky charm’  for Romans but also a way of showing the economical success of the 2 entrepreneurs .Let’s continue our way, going through the large entrance way, on the wall in front of you, there  were 2 safes, why  you are asking yourselves? Well where we nowadays hide our safes, rich Romans would put them in display, where everyone could see them!
    The building, where the owners would live in, is richly decorated in affrescos, some from mythology, some of famous cupids going about their daily chores.  Where the servants lived and worked, tripods pots and pans and general household goods were found, if you have ever seen any country houses from 9th century, pretty much you would never notice the difference!