Hic habitat felicitas

    Probably one of the most visited places by tourists is this2 storey building for its prostitutes and their business.  There were other brothels in town but these were usually located above a tavern or in private abodes not too luxurious either. The place was made up of 5 rooms on the ground floor and 5 on the upper one.  Every room had a concrete bed with maybe, if you were lucky, a mattress or a mat.
    To get men interested, there would have been erotic drawings on the doors to the rooms, a probable advertisement  dedicated  to the prostitutes who were better at doing what they knew best or maybe, it was a way of distinguishing rooms.
    The brothel is on one of the secondary roads and it’s not that easy to find but, hey don’t despair, but do as any   gentleman would do, look out for and follow the ‘phallus’ signs on the roadside or above the houses.

    As they didn’t have access to the internet in those times, clients would engrave how, in their opinion, things went, in fact there are(have been found) 120 ‘entries’
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